Leadership Social Network

A tool for effective knowledge of the world


Planet for me is a personal recommendation service with social network elements that allows you to create your geolocations, collect places, and share them with your friends and subscribers. Save places, combine locations in a collection, and share your recommendations!


Post a collection of places on your personal page, subscribe to friends and opinion leaders, and discover the best locations in your feed! Share your unique experience and become a valued expert!


Pick any place on the map, add your photo and a description – it’s as simple as that! Save the place in a private gallery, recommend it to subscribers in your feed, add it to your public profile, or share it with your friends - you choose!


Create events on planetforme. Which you will never forget and will always find in your profile. Invite friends, publish in the application or share it in other social networks and instant messengers.

Web points

Save your favorite Internet resources, applications and channels in PFM. Create from them private or public collections, share with friends!


Combine your places in a themed collection. You can choose any theme. Your trips, holiday destinations, the best hotels and restaurants – these are all collections that you can share with subscribers in apps, or outside them.

Navigation and taxi

Map a route or order a taxi with one tap – the app integrates with other apps on your phone!

Private places

Do you want to save places and collections just for you? You can add locations in your private gallery or transfer them into your public profile with one move – it’s your choice!


You can easily share your places and your content will open as the desktop version in any browser! On your smartphone, you can use a place or collection that you have shared, even if the app isn’t installed!

Our Team

Ivan Kruglov

Design and development team management, promotion and marketing.

Timur Ismailov

Project management, HR management, distribution.

Internet Nation Ltd.

Investment, management and consulting.

Evgeny Pshenitsin

Quality Control, code review.